I just found a Flying Alarm Clock!

by Grace Labado-Orzal | Thursday, June 19, 2008 in , |

digital flying alarm clock
I am browsing the net looking for another gadget to be featured in my blog.

While browsing I found this cool Flying Alarm Clock. Yes a Flying Alarm Clock!.

I am one of those person who is having a hard time to wake up early in the morning. That's why prefer to work at night. hehe. :D

This is a digital flying alarm clock that will fly around your room and soars into the air and start digital flying alarm clockalarming. The only way to stop the sound is to get up and return the rotor to its base. Just like other alarm clock it also has a snooze button and it will ring every seven seconds. But, why do you need to snooze it if you have to get up every now and then. So, better wake up and start preparing your self.

The Digital Flying Alarm clock has 6 buttons and a propeller that flies up to 9ft in the air. With an easy to read backlit display. It requires 4 AA batteries.